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I have a component that changes its location based on other elements. I'm trying to find its x and y position at different intervals, so I tried compname.x and compname.y.

The x position seems to be working, but the y position is always 0. I'm guessing I need to play with localToGlobal or contentToGlobal or one of those conversions. Is that the problem?

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A component's x and y values are relative to it's parent. Flex calls this the content coordinate system; and the contentToGlobal should give you the answers you need.

Read up on positioning components, which explains the content, local, and viewable coordinates:


And read up on the Flex coordinate system:


If you had a working example it may be easier to give a specific answer.

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Great hint. Looks like it's working now. Thank you. –  Kamo Jun 23 '10 at 11:53
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...also, have a look at getBounds() - this method returns you the position relative to other display objects.


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