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I have a local repository, in which i can put one jar and retrieve it using ivy. Now for svnant, I want to put 4 jar files in one folder and try to use ivy to retrieve it. my patten in org/module/version/module-version.jar. how do i perform this.

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In your ivysettings.xml file define a filesystem resolver with an artifact pattern matching the location of your 4 jars.

    <settings defaultResolver="local-repo"/>
        <filesystem name="local-repo">
             <ivy pattern="${ivy.settings.dir}/repo/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/ivy.xml"/>
             <artifact pattern="${ivy.settings.dir}/repo/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]"/>

Ivy will then be able to find your jars.


In order to group the 4 jars as one module save the following ivy.xml file and store it with the jars

<ivy-module version="2.0">
  <info organisation="myorg" module="svnant" revision="1.0"/>
    <artifact name="svnant"/>
    <artifact name="svnclientadapter"/>
    <artifact name="svnkit"/>
    <artifact name="svnjavahl"/>

Note: The revision number in the ivy.xml must match the revision number of the module

The dependency in the ivy.xml file is then

<dependency org="myorg" name="svnant" rev="1.0"/>
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my jar files are svnant.jar, svnclientadapter.jar, svnkit.jar, svnjavahl.jar what would my <dependency> look like I am trying to avoid using 4 dependency entries –  user373201 Jun 24 '10 at 1:59
i'm looking around google for few hours and can't get the amazingly lightweight ivy to run.. weird files, settings, errors, files are not resolvable.. grrr. –  Richards Mar 29 '11 at 17:30

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