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How many different block tags like these exist?

{% block %}

In other words if I have a parent template and child templates with multiple block tags. How does Django know where to insert if not by different block tag names?

Or can I customize like:

{% block_mytag_1 %}
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Neither of these will work.

The documentation clearly explains this - you need to give each block in your parent template a different name:

{% block maincontent %}

This will be filled by whatever block in your child template has the same name.

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Thanks! One more thing. I read the django book section on Templates from start to beginning. If I ask questions about it here I did either not find it and/or overlooked it. It is very complex to learn django and python and it is great to have this quick and great help. And I think these questions can be valuable for future students. –  MacPython Jun 23 '10 at 12:47

You need this template documentation, particularly the part on Template Inheritance.

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