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I would like to split a string into an array according to a regular expression similar to what can be done with preg_split in PHP or VBScript Split function but with a regex in place of delimiter.

Using VBScript Regexp object, I can execute a regex but it returns the matches (so I get a collection of my splitters... that's not what I want)

Is there a way to do so ?

Thank you

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If you can reserve a special delimiter string, i.e. a string that you can choose that will never be a part of the real input string (perhaps something like "#@#"), then you can use regex replacement to replace all matches of your pattern to "#@#", and then split on "#@#".

Another possibility is to use a capturing group. If your delimiter regex is, say, \d+, then you search for (.*?)\d+, and then extract what the group captured in each match (see before and after on rubular.com).

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You can alway use the returned array of matches as input to the split function. You split the original string using the first match - the first part of the string is the first split, then split the remainder of the string (minus the first part and the first match)... continue until done.

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If I want to split a multiple-line String into separate variables, using an array of matching line breaks "\n" probably won't work. Seems like it would just look for the string \n instead of looking for line breaks, correct? –  Eptin Feb 6 '13 at 22:34

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