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We utilize php-apns to send push notifications to our iPhone app users. This worked great when we were developing, however once the app was in the app store and I switched to the production certificate, I'm only able to send to a single recipient. Any more than that and no one gets a push notification.

I've read elsewhere that others have experienced this problem. The only "solution" I'm aware of is to open & close a fresh connection to APNS for every push notification, but I'm not doing that. That's not a good solution.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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I found the answer!

It appears to be an issue with sending to the development device tokens. Like most people, we have a database that stores the device tokens, and the earlier records were populated with our device tokens from testing.

As soon as I net out those device tokens from my list, all works!

I really hope someone finds this useful!

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