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I am going to work on a Web Application which I have to start with Gathering the Business Requirements up on which I need to develop Functional and Technical Documents. I have not developed Functional and Technical design documents on my own, could you let me know how to start and what are the things I need to take in to consideration. Any online resources where I can find the required information with some examples would be really much helpful.

Regards, sbmarya

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I don't know, but a modern way to write the business requirements and functional specification might be in the form/format of "user stories".

When I asked about how to document user stories, I was told that they're described in a couple of books but not online/on the web.

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At the risk of sounding cruel, may be you should have warned your boss that you have no clue how to do that part of the job when they assigned it to you?

As for developing, it's best to start with whichever functional and technical documents you've participated in not on your own (or at least used) and imitate the style/content/structure. That way you know you are doing something in synch with the rest of the company

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+1 You're writing these documents for an audience: so perhaps ask your intended audience/clients what content/format/things they would like you to consider/include in the documents. –  ChrisW Jun 23 '10 at 14:24

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