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I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good book / web site / blog or article (anything!) that can help demystify the proxy, not in terms of its use as a product, but purely from a .net developers point of view.

I know that in SOA systems, somewhere along the line you're bound to bump into a proxy, and this (in my experience) usually causes a deployment headache. Infact I've never really seen proxies as useful (but that's just me).

There are a couple of things that are specifically bothering me:

  1. There is a proxy management system in IE, but I can't seem to figure out to what degree these IE settings impact on the server's connectivity as a whole. IE should in an ideal world just be a browser, yet it seems IE settings can effect the connectivity of the whole machine.
  2. I cant seem to bypass proxy on local addresses using code. For example the following code just doesn't work:

    proxy.BypassProxyOnLocal = true; // Where proxy = System.Net.WebProxy

Would be nice if someone has written a proxy walk through because it seems there is a lot of confusion on the subject of poxies, I mean proxies.

Thank you

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I think WebProxy just changes the settings for one connection, maybe you need to use GlobalProxySelection which should change it for the whole application?

The following two blog posts looks quite promising:

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+1 - great links, thank you ho1. This is first piece of the puzzle. – JL. Jun 23 '10 at 19:12

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