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I've searched all around for a solution and have found nothing. Here is some sample code:

   '<option id=\'myoption\'></option>'
$('#mytextfield').change(function() {

so, i want to change the select option's html whenever my text field is changed. any ideas? thanks!

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Apart from the missing () on val, writing innerHTML of an <option> is generally unreliable due to how browsers implement form fields, and writing the innerHTML of anything from user input is highly inadvisable—what if the user typed something with < or & symbols in?

Use the standard DOM text property to change the label text instead, eg.:

var myoption= new Option();
$('#mytextfield').change(function() {
    myoption.text= this.value;

(or $(this).val() if you must, but I think the plain-DOM version is more readable.)

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val is a function. I'm not sure if this is the reason for youyr problem as you didn't say what result or error you are getting...

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there were a few problems, but it was really because i was adding the event to the wrong element. sorry for the poor wording. +1 =) –  gsquare567 Jun 23 '10 at 19:13

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