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I'm using a regex that strips the href tags out of an html doc saved to a string. The following code is how I'm using it in my C# console app.

Match m = Regex.Match(htmlSourceString, "href=[\\\"\\\'](http:\\/\\/|\\.\\/|\\/)?\\w+(\\.\\w+)*(\\/\\w+(\\.\\w+)?)*(\\/|\\?\\w*=\\w*(&\\w*=\\w*)*)?[\\\"\\\']");

        if (m.Success)
            Console.WriteLine("values = " + m);

However, it only returns one result, instead of a list of all the href tags on the html page. I know it works, because when I trying RegexOptions.RightToLeft, it returns the last href tag in the string.

Is there something with my if statement that doesn't allow me to return all the results?

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If you use Match instead of Match**es** you need to use a loop to get all the matches calling m.NextMatch() at the end of each loop. For example:

    Match m = Regex.Match(htmlSourceString, "href=[\\\"\\\'](http:\\/\\/|\\.\\/|\\/)?\\w+(\\.\\w+)*(\\/\\w+(\\.\\w+)?)*(\\/|\\?\\w*=\\w*(&\\w*=\\w*)*)?[\\\"\\\']");
    Console.Write("values = ");
    while (m.Success) 
        Console.Write(", "); // Delimiter
        m = m.NextMatch();
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Thanks a lot, Martin! This is the method I ended up using. – MattSayar Nov 25 '08 at 21:22

Match method searches for the first occurence of the string, Matches method searches for all occurences.

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Just wondering, I have to change Match m to MatchCollections m to use the Regex.Matches() method, but then it says MatchCollections doesn't have a definition for m.success. Is there something I'm missing? – MattSayar Nov 24 '08 at 14:39
@Matt S - it will have a length > 0 if there are matches – Simon_Weaver Nov 24 '08 at 20:19

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