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I am reading about setDrawingCacheEnabled and getDrawingCache and I was wondering when is it good to use it or when its not good.

Basically in my case I have an horizontalScrollView with many things inside it so its scrolls left/right and most of the things are not visible.

If I use setDrawingCacheEnabled(true) on the views, does it help? or this is only when I use custom views and I call getDrawingCache()?

Is there any other 'cache' way to use in a horizontalscrollview?


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up vote 4 down vote accepted This is class responsible for reordering your playlist in the default music player. It uses setDrawingCacheEnabled when you start dragging the current view. Basically it creates bitmap from the listview item and drag it. Take a close look to onInterceptTouchEvent method.

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The link is dead. Unfortunately I couldn't find any good example of using it with onInterceptTouchEvent method. – tomrozb Mar 1 '13 at 21:18
The link is dead – Gallal Jul 26 '13 at 10:21

It's definitely useful for screenshots as Marcel said. It is also very useful performance-wise, as that is what it was created for. It does use up more memory, as you render the view into a bitmap first.

What you do is, you setDrawingCacheEnabled to true, call getDrawingCache which returns a bitmap and store this bitmap. In onDraw, you do draw the bitmap you got if the cache is on, or the view otherwise. This can be very nice when scrolling.

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I am trying to drag and drop images from one cell of a grid to another. Can I use this mechanism ? If yes then what should I change on my code ? Please help me? – Chandra Sekhar Feb 16 '12 at 6:43

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