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I am developing / maintaining a tool that allows users to run queries against legacy data files with fixed-width records. The files get converted to a table-like structure using a custom XML specification.

I'm looking for a free/open-source tool that would automatically convert SQL-like queries to LINQ.

FLEE (http://flee.codeplex.com/) can parse simple expressions typed by the user and convert them to .NET code. While it can do the trick for values within a record, it cannot process queries with aggregates, "group by" clauses or other common constructs.

I know I could embed a C# compiler... But I'm looking for something more user-friendly that can be used by a non-programmer with a basic knowledge of SQL.

This tool is only used for analysis and troubleshooting. It doesn't need to run as fast as a real SQL database.

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if the user knows some sql, could you just let them use sql for querying? not sure of the relative size of the data or if it would be worth it. –  James Manning Jun 23 '10 at 18:15
I'm querying a flat file, not an SQL data source. This would only work if there was an SQL-to-anything abstraction layer. –  MapDot Jun 28 '10 at 22:16

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not sure what syntax you want to support, but in terms of having users put in query bits as strings and converting them into LINQ, there's a couple of existing options out there:



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