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I have a Galleriffic slideshow on my page. Right now the "large" image links to the next image in the slideshow. How can I make it link to an external file instead?

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First, you have to add a hidden div or span tag to your unordered list:

  <a class="thumb" href="/imageurl/image.gif">imageititle</a>
  <span id="project-path" style="display:none;">example_path</span>

Then, add this code to your galleriffic.js file. You are grabbing the path from the span element:

addImage: function(listItem, thumbExists, insert, position) {
                    var $li = ( typeof listItem === "string" ) ? $(listItem) : listItem;                
                    var $aThumb = $li.find('a.thumb');
                **  var $path = $li.find('#project-path');
                **  var projectPath = $path.text();
                    var slideUrl = $aThumb.attr('href');
                    var title = $aThumb.attr('title');
                    var $caption = $li.find('.caption').remove();
                    var hash = $aThumb.attr('name');

Then, you add the value to the image variable:

            var imageData = {
        **      projectPath:projectPath,

Now tell the gallery to change the link w/ new path on the full-size gallery images:

            // Construct new hidden span for the image
            var newSlide = this.$imageContainer
                .append('<span class="image-wrapper current"><a class="advance-link" rel="history" href="/project/'+imageData.projectPath+'" title="'+imageData.title+'">&nbsp;</a></span>')
                .find('span.current').css('opacity', '0');

And comment out the gallery click action here, so that your user can just use the normal link wrapping the image:

                //.click(function(e) {
                    //gallery.clickHandler(e, this);
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Thank you so much, I will try this and let you know how I got on. –  user374557 Jun 23 '10 at 19:34
Thank you, this is very helpful and works. –  Valentin Klinghammer May 6 '11 at 13:03
It help me too :) –  Mohit Singh Jul 6 '12 at 12:13

yep - at http://prestondentalgroup.com.au/downloads.html The hyperlinks on the slide images allow viewer to open/save a PDF doc. Works nicely (once I deciphered how to write example_path and to substitute /project/ with the URL of the PDF file (including subfolders). So to link to readme.pdf from the site's images/downloads/ folder, example_path becomes images/downloads/readme.pdf
and /project/ becomes http:/prestondentalgroup.com.au/

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