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I am trying to install a slave on windows xp on a different machine from the master. I tried clicking on new node and it only give me the option of choosing dumb slave. Is it supposed to be like that? Anyway, I fill out the node name as "Test" and i select launch using jnlp and i hit save. Now when I click on that node i download the slave-agent.jnlp and slave.jar files from that screen and i open a command prompt and enter java -jar slave.jar -jnlpUrl http://servername:portnumber/hudson/computer/Test/slave-agent.jnlp but I get the following java errors: Connection timed out: connect 
        at Method) 
        at Source) 
        at Source) 
        at Source) 
        at Source) 
        at Source) 
        at Source) 
        at<init>(Unknown Source) 
        at<init>(Unknown Source) 
        at hudson.remoting.Engine.connect( 

When i try to run it from the web interface it cannot connect and it looks like it is trying to use a port number like 59870 instead of the real portnumber to connect to the host. Does anyone know why I can't install the slave agent?

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found it. You need to open that port number on the machine the master slave is on.

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