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I have been in search of a good way to write curses apps. So far I have found Curses::UI and Curses::Toolkit, but none of them are as maleable as I want them to be. Now I'm looking to write my app with just Curses itself, and learn something about it in the process! Are there any good books/tutorials/etc. that would teach me the guts of writing apps with Curses and Perl? (I don't mind if it's written with another language, like C, in mind. As long as I can translate what I read into Perl, it's fine!)

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I used the excellent Programming with Curses the last time I had to do this, which was more than a decade ago, but I'm sure the API hasn't changed much. The book is a fairly bare-bones reference to the C API, but the Perl Curses module mirrors the C API pretty closely.

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Wow I'm getting all kinds of university flashbacks now... :) that was a great book. –  Ether Jun 23 '10 at 20:36
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Well, I have found Writing programs with NCURSES to be very helpful. Programming with Curses is also good, but it lacks a lot of things new to ncurses (e.g. colors), and it's pretty out-dated. However, Writing programs with NCURSES explains the newly added things, too. I'm also making extensive use of man ncurses which is a great source of info after you've read the above ncurses intro.

Thank you for all the answers.

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