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Is there a way to make my auto_prepend command ignore my includes/ and ajax/ directories?

I can write regular expressions easily it's just knowing how to markup the conditional statements...

# choose which files are mother files (aka not includes or ajax)
# add dochead to these files
{some kind of regex conditioon here }
php_value auto_prepend_file  C:/wamp/www/new_glaven_valley/views/components/doc_head.php
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php_value auto_prepend_file none

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Yes - use LocationMathc or directoryMatch but my prefrence would be to use a stub file as the auto-prepend and select further includes based on the value of $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] in my php code - its a lot easier to describe complicated structures and relationships using a procedural language than a config file - and you don't need to reset your webserver every time you want to change / save the settings.


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Why not just stick .htaccess files in your includes/ and ajax/ directories that unset auto_prepend_file (or if that can't be done, you could always have those directories auto_prepend an empty file.

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that sounds wicked, how do i unset an auto_prepend anyone please? thanks! –  Haroldo Jun 23 '10 at 21:22

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