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i am using this jquery iviewer

i want to link these image thumble to another link.

can i use image map for this or any other way to make image thumble to link. these are really add with full image.

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you can add this in between your script tag:

var objects = [{x: 0, y: 800, r: 800, isInObject: isInCircle, title: 'whole image', getCenter: getRectCenter }]

note: set y and r to cover your image.

And this when you set defaults for iviewer:

onClick: function(coords) {
var object = whereIam(coords.x, coords.y);                       
if (object) 

whereIam is a default function available with iviewer.

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thanks rajan superb. its work. – KC Rajput Jun 25 '10 at 8:26

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