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Is there an python function similar to raw_input but that doesn't show a newline when you press enter. For example, when you press enter in a Forth prompt it doesn't show a newline.
If I use the code:

data = raw_input('Prompt: ')
print data

than the output could be:

Prompt: Hello

because it printed a newline when I pressed enter. I want a function similar to raw_input that doesn't show the newline. So if the function I wanted was called special_input and I used the code:

data = special_input('Prompt: ')
print data

than the output would be something like:

Prompt: Hello Hello
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I'm not sure about raw_input, but the print function won't include a newline if you use a comma after e.g ( print "Hello",) – Decio Lira Jun 23 '10 at 22:46
In Python versions under 3, print isn't a function, it's a keyword, so adding a comma changes things because it has a special syntax. raw_input is a function, so it doesn't have a special syntax that a keyword can have. – None Jun 23 '10 at 23:45
possible duplicate of How to print in Python without newline or space? – Seth Battin Apr 17 '14 at 16:38

Yes, there are other ways to read a line like raw_input

You can use sys.stdin():

import sys
line = sys.stdin.readline()

Or if you want to get a password you can also use getpass.getpass():

import getpass
line = getpass.getpass()

But if you want something more fancy you will need to use curses

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