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like the tts engine , is there a way by which speech can be converted to text in android?

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please be more specific. you will get better responses if you ask better questions –  mtmurdock Jun 24 '10 at 1:14

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Yup, check out this android blog post as a start point

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You might want to take a look at the Android Scripting Environment. They have an API call that does exactly that.


Edit: Here it is

     String prompt[optional]: text prompt to show to the user when asking them to   
     String language[optional]: language override to inform the recognizer that it  
    should expect speech in a language different than the one set in the            
     String languageModel[optional]: informs the recognizer which speech model to   
    prefer (see android.speech.RecognizeIntent))
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Does RecognizerIntent fulfill your needs?

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I'm not aware of any built-in speech-to-text functionality. You could try making use of a third-party app like Voice Text.

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You can start with this code, if needed:


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