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why is my <input type="submit" not display on http://ballpointradio.com/new/page_edit.php? It's supposed to be underneath the textarea.

This really is baffling me!! Is it my jQuery? I'm pretty sure it isn't...

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It is something with your jQuery. When I have JavaScript disabled (which I did initially), it displays at the right of the second text area. When it is enabled, neither the text area or the submit button show up. – animuson Jun 24 '10 at 3:12
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    $("#" + this.value).show().siblings().hide();

This code, on load, does this:


Considering that the <input type="submit"> is a sibling of $('edit1'), it gets hidden!

Just change .siblings() to .siblings('textarea') so it only hides siblings that are also textareas!

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It has style="display: none" set.

I wasn't able to immediately figure out why, though.

I'm not a jquery man, but you could look if some of the hide() method calls could be interfering. This one, for example:

$("#" + this.value).show().siblings().hide();
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To confirm Lauri's answer, it's definitely Javascript hiding the submit button. When you disable Javascript the button appears normally. I'd be taking a hard look at the line above too. – Wireblue Jun 24 '10 at 3:16

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