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I agree google helps but i would like to few additional thinks

  1. Its not released yet right ?
  2. If its not yet released where can i get it download ?
  3. What all effects/sideeffects i can get using that ?

Please provide me Microsoft link from where i can download and install the IE 9 so i can play with HTML 5 and new stuff shipped with it. Thanks all

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Really? You couldn't be bothered to type "IE9" into the Google search box? – i_am_jorf Jun 24 '10 at 17:10
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Follow the link Yin Zhu posted to the IE9 Preview page, and click the green "Install the preview!" button in the middle of the page.

IE9 hasn't been formally released yet, this is a platform preview, which includes a very basic user interface. This is not a beta version, that will come later. Microsoft just wants feedback on Trident (IE's rendering engine) at this stage, which is why they're releasing this platform preview.

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IE 9 Preview.

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What all i found here is demoes, does it also have "IE 9 Download" link somewere ? sorry but i failed to find Mozilla or MicroSoft like download like BIG GREEN DOWN ARROW. Help with that will help, thanks – Anil Namde Jun 24 '10 at 5:08

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