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I've got Tcl8.5 installed (debian package).

I need the Thread library. When I do a package require Thread, it fails to find the package. However, tcl_platform(threaded) is set to true.

Why is this the case? Do I need to grab another package? I have tcllib.

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If package require Thread isn't finding the Thread package then it either isn't installed or it is in the wrong place. I think that tcl_platform(threaded) being true just implies that tclsh has been built with threading support and will support the Threads package.

Have a look in the TCL lib directyory for a subdirectory called something like threadx.x.x. If you don't have one then you do need to download the Threads package.

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+1: That sounds like the problem to me too, and your explanation of tcl_platform(threaded) is correct; it just indicates that the C API supports threading. (FWIW, we're thinking about bundling Thread with Tcl for 8.6, but there are some tricky side issues there.) –  Donal Fellows Jun 24 '10 at 8:31
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