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When I try to run a simple, basic Silverlight application, I got the following error:

Can't find the TestPage.html, Make sure the path or internet address is correct.

Here is my XAML code:

<UserControl x:Class="HelloWorld.MainPage"
    xmlns:d="" xmlns:mc="" 
    mc:Ignorable="d" d:DesignWidth="640" d:DesignHeight="480">
  <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White">
        <TextBlock Text="Hello, World!" />    

What could be the reason for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Padma, fix your code; and if possible, don't rush people's answers. They are doing you a favor and don't work for you. – Pierreten Jun 24 '10 at 6:37
Try <Grid></Grid> – funwithcoding Jun 24 '10 at 8:54

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This sounds like an issue with your project setup. Make sure your ASP.NET project is correctly set with your Silverlight project as a contained Silverlight app. Also you will want to check that in the Project Properties the Startup Item is set to an existing page. It may not be TestPage.html.

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