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I just installed itunes 9.2. Then tried doing something I've done thousands of times before: installing an add hoc build. I deleted the old version of the app and dragged the new version onto the app section of itunes. I get a message that the profile with the same name already exists (I select replace). Nothing happens- the app is not installed and does not show up in the app list.

Any ideas? The only difference is iTunes 9.2

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vChav wrote:

Ok, after removing all traces of the app from iTunes and rebuilding it worked. Here's exactly what I did:

1) Make a new folder called Payload 2) Copy the build into Payload 3) Zip Payload in the Finder 4) Rename the zipped file MyApp.ipa 5) Drag the .ipa file into iTunes 6) Sync the device

Thanks everybody for your help!

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I also did the same thing . –  harshalb Aug 9 '10 at 5:10

Ran into this problem as well. The solution was to package the app as an .IPA file using Xcode. The process is detailed here:

A better way to share ad hoc builds

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