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When using a subdomain and trying to view anything related to current_user. user is sent to a new session page, the page shows the session is created and gives the option to logout. I can use no subdomain and it works fine.

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Set it in your environment.rb (or environments/*.rb if you'll use different domains for each environment):

ActionController::CgiRequest::DEFAULT_SESSION_OPTIONS.update( :session_domain => '')
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FYI... as of Rails 2.3, this setting has changed. The rails 2.3+ version looks like:

ActionController::Base.session_options[:domain] = ''

Just in case anyone else lands here from Google and gets confused like I did.

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@jkrall - to add to that, the whole options hash moved to :key, :secret, and :domain vs :session_key, :session_domain, etc.

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