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Here is how my 2 projects are

  1. I have a class library project which consumes multiple webservices.
  2. I have created a test project in VSTS and try to call one of those service

But I'm receiving System.ServiceModel.EndpointNotFoundException. In my Test Project I have added one app.config file and added endpoint as available in my Serviceclass library project app.config.

Could anyone have encounter same problem before. Please help.

Thanks, Pritam

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Post your config, contract name (fully qualified) and service class name (fully qualified) to find out what is wrong with it. –  decyclone Jun 24 '10 at 14:01

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Is your service class library hosted in IIS? If so, you need to add the relevant info (everything in <system.serviceModel>) to your web.config.

Are you self-hosting the WCF service? Then the host application needs to have that info in its app.config.

You cannot just put that info into the service class library's app.config - that file will not be used by .NET - you need to put the info into the host application's web.config (for IIS) or app.config (if you self-host).

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Not sure but check this: - Maybe you have the endpoint twice in your app.config - App.config that should have endpoint configuration is the one in the testproject

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