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Our department develops a lot of different software programs by a lot of different people in the department. The problem is that we want some solution to:

  1. Make it more visible what software program is maintained by which person.
  2. See the state of a software program (maintained/obsolete/etc).
  3. Attach some kind of charactistics (maybe tags) to software programs.
  4. Possibly make references to projects that make use of the software program.

There is not a single programming environment (such as java or .net) that we use, it depends on the type of job and the experience of the developers involved. So we need a program or platform independent solution.

We are looking for some kind of web-based (preferably self-hosted, due to some confidentiality reasons) solution. Are there environments or products available to set things like this up or should we go and make some custom solution for this?

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At this moment, I have not found a suitable solution yet. – Roalt Aug 20 '10 at 5:47

Maybe consider using some of 37Signals applications, perhaps in combination.

I think Backpack would start to fulfil you brief.

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I think you mean Basecamp, not Backpack? – Roalt Jun 24 '10 at 8:58
Basecamp = Project Management, Backpack = Team Collaboration. I think he meant Backpack. – JBRWilkinson Jun 24 '10 at 9:03
Basecamp looks nice, although I do not see if you can add default fields for each produkt or project. Furthermore, due to some confidentiality reasons, we prefer a self-hosted environment. – Roalt Jun 24 '10 at 11:33

Some people use BugTracker.NET hosted internally as a project task backlog as well as bugs and feature requests. You can customise the look and feel easily and projects can have owners and it allows the creation of groups of people for assignment/notification.

It may not be the prettiest of tools, but it is free and works well in our experience.

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I'm not really looking for a bug tracker, I know bugzilla (so I assume BugTracker.NET is something similar). It's not about handling how things are done inside the project itself, it's more Meta-project. – Roalt Jun 24 '10 at 10:02

My company uses Rally, and we generally like it. However, the tool assumes that you use an agile methodology of sorts. See

It manages multiple projects, defects, a feature back log, releases, iterations, and a number of other things.

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I have used Target Process successfully for this.

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I think it's a bit expensive. We have about 5 developers and 20 other users. – Roalt Apr 1 '11 at 5:55
I do like that you can use it as a service or install it at your company though! – Roalt Apr 1 '11 at 5:56

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