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I have worked with Django for a while but I am new to xml-rpc. I have two Django servers running and the first needs to call functions from some modules of second server. I find xml-rpc easiest way to do so but don't want to run a separate server for this only.

What options do I have? Can I run Django's web-server and xml-rpc server with a single manage runserver command ?

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Easily - we use to add an xml-rpc server into our django server.

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Perfect!! Thanks a lot! – Nullpoet Jun 24 '10 at 9:34

You may also consider David Fisher's rpc4django which supports both XMLRPC and JSONRPC within a single package. Features include:

  • Detects request type (JSONRPC or XMLRPC) based on content
  • Easy identification of RPC methods via a decorator
  • Pure python and requires no external modules except Django
  • Customizable RPC method documentation including reST
  • Supports XMLRPC and JSONRPC introspection
  • Supports method signatures (unlike SimpleXMLRPCServer)
  • Easy installation and integration with existing Django projects
  • Ties in with Django’s authentication and authorization
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