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I have an array in javascript that contains the following:

  • ["Value 1", "Value 5". "Value 10", "Value 11"];

How would I go about sort this array so that it does not appear as follows:

  • ["Value 1", "Value 10". "Value 11", "Value 5"];

But as:

  • ["Value 1", "Value 5". "Value 10", "Value 11"];

Any help would be great.

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If all the values are prefixed exactly the same, why not have a string prefix variable that is added on whenever it needs displaying and just store the numeric values? If they are different and variable then like kgb says you will need a natural sorting library. –  Tom Gullen Jun 24 '10 at 9:14

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If you are enthusiastic about writing it yourself, you can just parse the items with an regular expression and compare the second part. Those will match something like


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You need to extract the numeric values from the strings and sort based on those, just like vlood said. For example, try this code:

function mySort(arr)
    var regex = /Value\s([0-9]+)/;

    function map(str) {
        return Number(regex.exec(str)[1]);

    return arr
        function (a,b) {
            var av = map(a), bv = map(b);
            return av < bv ? -1 : av > bv ? 1 : 0;

mySort(["Value 1", "Value 10", "Value 11", "Value 5"]);
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thanks for this –  iancrowther Dec 14 '11 at 11:41

you need natural sorting. i don't think there is a built-in implementation in js, but you can use some library. for example: phpjs - natcasesort

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it appears, this topic has been disussed... stackoverflow.com/questions/34518/natural-sorting-algorithm/… –  Sergey Eremin Jun 24 '10 at 9:13

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