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I've been looking around for a good MVC framework for Python using PyGTK. I've looked at Kiwi but found it a bit lacking, especially with using the Gazpacho Glade-replacement.

Are there any other nice desktop Python MVC frameworks? I'm one of the few (it seems) to not want a webapp.

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In defense of Kiwi:

  • Kiwi works fine with Glade3 instead of Gazpacho. (who forced you to use Gazpacho?)
  • Kiwi is my first dependency for any PyGTK application commercial or open source.
  • Kiwi is very actively maintained.

I have generally got to a stage where I think its irresponsible to not use Kiwi in a PyGTK application. Perhaps you can tell us what you found "lacking" so we can improve the framework. #kiwi on (or the Kiwi mailing list).

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I was following the Kiwi tutorial and it used Gazpacho. When I tried to open up the example Glade files in Glade3 it didn't work so well. I didn't know that. Thanks! – Paul Fisher Nov 23 '08 at 20:32

There's Dabo, made by some guys moving from FoxPro. It might work for you if you're writing a data driven business app.

Beyond that, I haven't found anything that you haven't.

GUI stuff is supposed to be hard. It builds character.

(Attributed to Jim Ahlstrom, at one of the early Python workshops. Unfortunately, things haven't changed much since then.)

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