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Take a look at this code :

public class Program
[import]IMain Main {get; set;}
private Compose() {...}

internal interface IMain

public class Main : IMain
  Interace1 Object1 {get;set;}

  Interace2 Object2 {get;set;}

I want to lazy load Object2 after the composition beween Program and Main. When I compose in Program, I've a MEF error because MEF try to compose Object2 as well (but the implementation of Interface2 is not available at the begining... I want to load it after).

How can I do this ?

I've tried to put :

  Lazy<Interace2> Object2 {get;set;}

but I still have the same trouble.

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Use this:

[Import(AllowDefault=true, AllowRecomposition=true)]
Lazy<Interface2> Object2 {get;set;}

AllowDefault will allow the composition to succeed when there is no Interface2, and AllowRecomposition will allow you to add it later. It doesn't matter if you use a property of type Lazy<Interface2> or just Interface2 in this case.

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