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I am currently using Mercurial via Tortoise Hg for some of my side projects. I was wondering if there is tighter integration of Mercurial with Visual Studio 2010 via a plugin or some similar mechanism. What I'm thinking about is very similar to the git extensions which provide a plugin for VS. The plan is to eventually host the projects on Codeplex which supports Mercurial.

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sure there is visualHG which works for 2005 to 2013 including 2010 .

another alternative (useful if you are in an environment where you don't have control over what is installed) is to use VS's external tools menus/buttons to launch tortoiseHg windows via thg

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I've been using hgscc recently, and it works pretty well. It has a similar interface to TortoiseHG and also integrates with solution explorer. I've only used it with VS2008 but the website says it works with 2010 as well.

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This is the one I'm using at the moment, and it does work with VS2010. I do like VisualHG a bit better at this time though. –  Rangoric Oct 5 '11 at 21:12

VisualHg + TortoiseHg. Also suggest to assign some hotkeys in VS2010 to call VisualHg functions like: File.Commit, File.RepoBrowser.

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I'm using shell-based mercurial commands + powerconsole add-in.

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