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Is there a windows program that allows users to encrypt a file so that it can be accessed via a Java API programmatically (i.e. to decrypt it in memory)?

I hope this makes sense.

I guess the question is twofold

(1) Is there a free Java API to access/decrypt encrypted files? (2) Is there a free program that allows you to encrypt files supported by the API?


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Good question, I am also intersted. I solve this issue with hashed values in embedded database with GUI, but I actually don't decrypt it back, just compare to hash values. –  Xorty Jun 24 '10 at 12:31
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BouncyCastle is a good free library for cryptography in Java (and in C#). It's actively maintained (unlike Cryptix since 2005 apparently). It has a package for OpenPGP support, with which you should be able to do what you want. In addition, it's probably worth looking at its resources page, which lists a few tools that have been built on top of it (including related to OpenPGP).

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There is a JCE provider for PGP available from cryptix. There are plenty of PGP programs available for windows and other platforms, including integration in email programs.

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Jasypt is a Java package that simplifies encryption in Java. It works with either the built-in JCE provider or others (like BouncyCastle). There are basic command line apps included with it that you could use as a base for your own program.

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