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I need to figure out the bit depth / quantization / bit resolution of the microphone channel in Flash. Anybody out there, who knows that?

The sampling rate is pretty simple - one can set/get it with Microphone.rate (to 5,8,16,22 or 44 KHz).

But no clue about the bit depth. It's not mentioned at any Adobe pages as far as I know. There's no function to set or get it.

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I couldn't find any info on bit depth for this either, so I assume the bit depth is 16 (i.e. 2 bytes per sample).

This should be easy to determine experimentally by just recording sound into a WAV file and seeing how large the file is. The file size should be equal to:

fileSize = seconds * samplesPerSecond * bytesPerSample


bytesPersample = fileSize / (seconds * samplesPerSecond)
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Thanks. Sounds like a good work around. Will try something like this. – Martin Jun 25 '10 at 7:51
Did anybody try anything like this? I'm curious myself... – dsummersl Jan 10 '14 at 14:51

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