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I've got Visual Studio 2008 express, and I need to use afx.h and some other things from MFC. Is there an SDK I can download that includes those? I downloaded the latest Windows SDK, but that didn't include it.


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First of all, sorry for my english... i dont know speak english... I believe this link above can help you... you only will need to configure another IDE, but MFC comes with WDK too... i've made with CodeBlocks and it works fine... codeproject.com/Articles/30439/… Good Luck! Igor RF –  user1907058 Dec 15 '12 at 23:32

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MFC is the proprietary class collection for Microsoft paid customer so I don't think you can get them FOC (well legally of course).

You can consider Win32++ which attempt to mimic MFC functionalities and its open source.

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MFC isn't free. You should buy at least Standard Edition of the Visual Studio.

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