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I have a problem with Carbide C++.

I'm trying to use function from Nokia Forum to read xml files. So I found this article:

And I've created a XmlHandle.h and XmlHandle.cpp files.

But I don't know how I can use this.

I try something like this:

_LIT( KConfigFile, "config.xml" );
CXmlHandler* iXmlHandler;
<br>iXmlHandler = CXmlHandler::NewL();
TFileName fileName;
fileName.Append( KConfigFile );
iXmlHandler->StartParsingWithAoL( fileName );

But when I try to compile project I am receiving this error:

No source available for "0x2539636( ekern.exe )() "
Thread myProject::myProject Panic ALLOC: 3bcb1558

Can someone tell me what can I do? Thanks.

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I suggest making your code marked as code so it's easier to read on this question. – Dave Jun 24 '10 at 13:39

ALLOC panic means you haven't freed some resources. I guess the StartParsingWithAoL leaves, and the iXmlHandler isn't deleted (either it's a member variable that isn't deleted in destructor, or it's local variable that you haven't put on the cleanup stack). It's hard to tell more without seeing more code.

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You don't get these errors during compilation. Did you get it actaully when running in emulator? I don't see :

delete iXMLHandler;

Where exactly in your code does this error occure?

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