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Im on a project that requires me to translate the project to both swedish and english for the customers that the company got.

Ive made two ini file in

xproject/application/messages-SV.ini.php  <- Swedish
xproject/application/messages-EN.ini.php  <- English

And in my defines.ini.php file Ive included only the messages-SV.ini.php file with:


Ive already added two buttons in my view for the customer to choose from either swedish thats default or english. But I dont know how to make the button send an action to the defines file and then switch to the english file and read from that instead, should I do it via cookies or should I use something else because there is alot of underpages in the diffrent tree structure so I need the language change to be permanent until the user clicks the other language...

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this is a big question... zend framework has standard translate component Zend_Translate, which can work with ini files. then you might need to create a language indicator cookie and an action to change it. check this flag on every page load(predispatch maybe) and pass the corresponding ini file to Zend_Translate.

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