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I am looking into the PureComponents .NET Suite for a WinForms project. The controls seem to offer a lot of nice function but we are concerned about their stability. Does anyone have experience with these controls?


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I have tried it, and can offer the following experiences:

  1. The controls look nice, but are buggy.
  2. The Visual Studio IDE can become very slow when adding these controls (often it locks your project on the form you are editing and you have to exit from VS to be able to edit another form...)
  3. Using more than a few controls at one time will often result in an "out of memory" error when trying to compile.
  4. Moving or resizing controls seems to have inconsistent behavior. The controls seem to do whatever they desire, leaving you unable to size them as you want.
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Sorry for such a late reply but I'm using it and even though it's a bit buggy, I have figured out some work arounds.

For example, if you sometimes try to copy and paste controls they won't paste because paste has been disable for some strange reason. I do a cut with ctrl-x then do a ctrl-z to get it back and move the control back to where it was before. Now that I have the control in the clipboard I can past it as many times as needed.

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