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I'm trying to get better at using MVC/MVP style patterns with my WinForm apps and I'm struggling with something that maybe someone here with more experience can help me with.

Below is my basic project layout:
alt text

The class G2.cs handles the running of various threads and includes a Start/Stop and other various methods involved with those threads. It is my "main" class I suppose. It contains the main loop for my application as well.

My GUI is composed of 3 forms so far and an associated controller for each. The MainForm has Start/Stop buttons that need to call methods on my G2 class as well as possible future forms.

What would be the correct way to pass a reference of my G2 class to all the view's controllers who need it? Do I need to pass the G2 reference to the Form when I create it and the form in-turn passes it to my Controllers or... is that not a good way to handle things?

Also, am I correct in that it is the Views responsibility to create an instance of it's controller and it "owns" the controller?

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If G2 is main program class, and exists only in one instance, I would use singleton pattern on this class - no need to passing references.

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