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I am trying to install ruby gems on my MAC (OSX 10.5.1) behind corporate firewall proxy but i am getting error for connection refuse. kindly help me out to resolve this problem.

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Specify the proxy to use:

export HTTP_PROXY='http://username:password@proxyserver.net:port/'

If it's a Windows proxy (common in EnterpriseLand), it will use a custom NTLM authentication, which normal Unix apps don't do. To fix it, get NTLMAPS - a small Python app that acts as a local regular proxy and handballs your credential via NTLM authentication to the Windows proxy.

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Is not working for me on OS X 10.10.2, gem 2.2.2. The env var is set, also wget can download the file (so the var is correct). Using '--http-proxy' works (see here). –  sofacoder Apr 1 at 15:20

Download the gem to your harddrive and install it manually by doing

gem install gem_file.gem
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