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Are there any examples/articles on how to use the Entity Framework 4.0 Code First model (no edmx or xml configuration anywhere!!!) that interacts with stored procedures? Another aspect to my requirements is I am using a Repository pattern that uses an IRepository interface to abstract the actual data store (memory, database, xml, etc). Thus, I suppose it would be a hack to expose the ObjectContext so that I can call ExecuteFunction(...) on the ObjectContext instance since the caller of IRepository can never assume it is hitting a database. I was hoping to specify all stored procedure mapping logic in my mapping class for the entity. The mapping class is a subclass of EntityConfiguration. Is the 4.0 CTP mature enough for this yet?

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I know it's a bit late now, but here is something worthwhile looking into: Entity Framework CTP5 - How to Call Stored Procedure? and Using stored procedures with Entity Framework 4 Code First CTP5. Did you manage with this?

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