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i want to transfer my oracle database to another PC. What is the easiest way to do it? Are there any GUI tools to do it?

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Why are people voting to close this as "off-topic"? I could understand "Belongs on SF" but "Off topic"???? –  APC Jun 24 '10 at 15:31
The answers provided below seem reasonable. And 'yes', Oracle should build a GUI tool to simplify this chore, because as I see it, copying the database files (i.e. tablespace files, control files, redo logs, etc.) seems like a chore indeed! –  Jim G. Jun 24 '10 at 17:48
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APC's answer is the way to go for a logical transfer. If you're asking because you just want a one-time transfer to another PC then:

  • install the same version of Oracle on the second PC
  • create the same directory structure for the database files on the second PC

  • copy the database files (tablespace files, control files, redo logs) to the second PC (with the database shut down on PC #1!)

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The easiest way to transfer database structures (tables, packages, etc) together with data (or indeed without it) is to use the Oracle import/export utlities. As you're using Oracle 11g you should employ Data Pump for this. (On 9i or earlier it would be the old EXP and IMP utlities).

Use Export (expdp) to make the dump file from your source PC. Transfer it to your target PC and use Import (impdp) to load it.

At this point I would link to the documentation but the Oracle online docs are currently offline. So here's a link to the Oracle Wiki page instead: find out more.

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If you want a GUI, oracle Grid control can be used to clone a database from one computer to another.

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