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I am running a script running in Rhino, which creates an E4X object like this:

var s =     <product id="123">
                    <name>Google Search</name>

I want to include such XML in a SOAP message. I am using Apache Axis 2 ServiceClient for creating soap message. What I am looking for is a way to convert the E4X xml object into an Apache AXIOM element so that it can be added to SOAP message via a call to:

ServiceClient.addHeader(org.apache.axiom.om.OMElement omElement)

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So far it appears that converting E4X object to String and then using StAXOMBuilder (or one of it's subclasses) is the simplest option.

  XMLInputFactory xif= XMLInputFactory.newInstance();
  XMLStreamReader reader= xif.createXMLStreamReader(new StringReader(stringFromRhinoE4X));
  StAXOMBuilder builder=new StAXOMBuilder(reader);
  OMElement header= builder.getDocumentElement();

Edit: Although the above code works, the resulting OMElement cannot be passed to ServiceClient.addHeader(org.apache.axiom.om.OMElement omElement). Following code can be used to create an OMElement representing SOAPHeader:

CharArrayDataSource arrayDataSource = new CharArrayDataSource(contentXML.toCharArray());
SOAPFactory factory =  OMAbstractFactory.getSOAP12Factory();
SOAPHeaderBlock soapHeader = factory.createSOAPHeaderBlock(headerName, factory.createOMNamespace(namespace, nameSpacePrefix), arrayDataSource);
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