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Having a basic Spring Contoller i'd like to Unittest the Request Mapping (not the Method itself), if the doCriticalStuff Method is indeed called


public class HelloWorldController implements IHelloWorldController
   @RequestMapping(value = "/b/c/", method = RequestMethod.GET)
   public void doCriticalStuff(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response){

Right now I'm doging this via curl -X GET http://myIP:myPort/b/c/ from commandline in a manual way. Any Ideas on how to automate it? I could setup a Jetty instance, send a request and see if i get the expected response but isn't there an easier way provided by Spring?

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I'd use a AnnotationMethodHandlerAdapter and call adapter.handle. Just send in mock request and response objects along with your controller and spring should take care of the rest.

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