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i am trying to do the spring tutorials from the spring website. one of the tutorials include bulding an ant build file which when i build I keep getting this error

build.xml:146: You must not specify nested elements when using refid

When i click on the error it seems to be pointing at this location

<target name="tests" depends="build,buildtests"  description="Run tests">
    <junit printsummary="on" 

        <classpath refid="master-classpath"/>
        <formatter type="brief" usefile="false"/>

            <fileset refid="master-classpath">
                <include name="**/*Tests.*"/>

    <fail if="tests.failed">
        ****  One or more tests failed!  Check the output ...  ****

any clues why this error is generated?

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I figured out the solution.

    <fileset dir="master-classpath">
        <include name="**/*Tests.*"/>

I originally used refid="master-classpath", which is wrong.

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Did this really work in the end? It looks like you'd need to have a directory called master-classpath for it to do so. –  martin clayton Mar 16 '13 at 12:47

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