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Seems Janus doesn't think a developer might have a need to highlight the value of a single cell for the user...

It appears the SelStart & SelLength properties apply to the entire grid(wtf?)

I need to show a grid, and when the user enters the desired cell, to highlight the value for them for editing.. You know, highlight the value, start typing replaces the current value...

Should be like a simple txtBox.SelStart=0 & txtBox.SelLength=len(txtBox), But NO!!! Janus is WAY to smart for that...

Anyone out there smarter than Janus? Help!!


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This works for me

GridEX1.Row = 2
GridEX1.Col = 3
GridEX1.EditMode = jgexEditModeOn
GridEX1.SelStart = 0
GridEX1.SelLength = 1000
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