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Is there a way to simply format text within the ReportViewer Control so it is formatted correctly and the tags do not display.

I have text within a database field stored similar to the following: this is some text.<p/><p>more textaslkdflsdlfkdslskfasldf<p/><p>&nbsp;</p><p>asdkfksadjf &ndash; aslkfdskfd</p>

I'd like it to display normally (ideally) with the appropriate formatting

Thanks, Mike

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probably not the most elegant solution, but I ended up doing a search and replace for the necessary tags within the text. In my case the # and types of tags were minimal. – Michael Rut Jun 24 '10 at 18:34

You can creating Placeholder Text in a Text Box,and set markup type to "HTML - Interpret HTML tag as styles". this is MSDN help.

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