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I'm working on a school project where I have to build an interpreter for a simple language using Alex + Happy in Haskell.

After looking through the documentation I understand most of it, but would like to see a full blown example on using the tools.

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Not on building interpreters, but on building lexers and parsers, yes. See the example for a lexical analyzer in Alex, here, combined with an intro to Happy here. I found the haskell.x and haskell.y files distributed in the darcs repos for Alex and Happy useful. You can find those here and here.

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I wrote a series of posts at on using Alex+Happy+LLVM to write a compiler for a simple Java like language.

The source-code is on GitHub at (I haven't touched it in a couple years).

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Haddock has an Alex/Happy parser for documentation, the sources are here in the files Lex.x and Parse.y.

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I wrote a post about solving a problem that you described: (in Russian). Source code is here:

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