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I have input that looks like

5 X
8 Y
3 Z
9 X

I want output that sums the numerical values for each 'tag'; e.g.

14 X
8 Y
3 Z

Wondering if there is a slick one liner I can use (along the lines of the ones for summing a list of integers using awk).

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Something like this should do the trick:

perl -ne '$table{$2} += $1 if /(\d+)\s+(.+)/; END {print "$table{$_} $_\n" for keys %table}'

or to use auto-splitting:

perl -ane '$table{$F[1] or next} += $F[0]; END {print "$table{$_} $_\n" for keys %table}'
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You're missing the -n flag to loop over all input. (Nice FGITW, BTW) :) – Ether Jun 24 '10 at 21:11

As slick as I can make it:

perl -alne 'END{print"$X{$_} $_"for sort{$X{$b}<=>$X{$a}}keys%X}$X{$F[1]}+=$F[0]'
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it looks like you are having trouble with your space key :) – Eric Strom Jun 24 '10 at 21:15

Tried to make it as little obfuscated as possible :) Sorts output by 'tag'.

perl -alne '$counts{$F[1]} += $F[0]; END { print "$counts{$_} $_" for sort(keys %counts) }'

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Output in random order

perl -alne'$t{$F[1]}+=$F[0]}{print"$t{$_} $_"for keys%t'

alphabetically sorted by tag

perl -alne'$t{$F[1]}+=$F[0]}{print"$t{$_} $_"for sort keys%t'

sorted by value

perl -alne'$t{$F[1]}+=$F[0]}{print"$t{$_} $_"for sort{$t{$b}<=>$t{$a}}keys%t'
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gawk "{count[$2]+=$1}END{for(i  in count)print count[i],i}" 1.t
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