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So, I've started going through the tutorial on the Tapestry site. All fine, the application runs, and I get the starting page.

But, the moment I add the libraries to my POM, and the project gets refreshed, I lose my Layout component, and all the 'properties', (So message:greet doesn't work anymore).

How does this work? And more importantly,does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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Can you post your pom.xml? I've seen some weird things after making POM modifications before but a build clean usually takes care of them. –  Brian Deterling Jun 25 '10 at 4:39
pastie.org/1018341 .. that should be my pom.xml. .. I forgot to mention this was after adding hibernate. –  Mats Willemsen Jun 25 '10 at 6:23

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