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I've been trying to build a pepXML to mzIdentML converter and using this validator

to make sure my implementation is correct. Currently, I keep getting this error:

"Validation error in file './files/test-test.mzid' line 24231 column 13:
identity constraint key for element 'mzIdentML' not found"

I can't figure out what this error even means. I've asked the people who wrote the validator but I never got a reply.

If this error is specific to the validator and/or schema, then I guess I'll just delete this question, but if this is a general error that can occur when validating XML schema, then can someone please explain to me what this error means?

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Identity constraints are used to enforce uniqueness of an attribute — kind of like it's an xml:id attribute. (See the XML Schema spec.)

It sounds like there is an element which is saying it has an identity constraint, but is giving a reference to an identity constraint key which doesn't actually exist. Can't really say more without looking at the schema/doc :)

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